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 The Legacy of Her Majesty


Lives On...


Queen Elizabeth II reigned over the United Kingdom, led the Commonwealth, and served as Head of the Church of England for more than seven decades. But what motivated and sustained her to serve longer than any other British monarch? What did she really believe? What was at the heart of her core beliefs about God, faith, and personal convictions?


The Faith of Queen Elizabeth answers these questions with vivid insight and thoughtful exploration of Her Majesty's Christian faith. Drawing on historical archives, royal biographies, and candid interviews with a variety of British citizens, I use them as brushstrokes to create a portrait of Queen Elizabeth unlike any other. As entertaining as The Crown and as refreshing as a cup of tea, this book provides greater understanding and a deeper appreciation for Her Majesty the Queen and the King she serves.



DUDLEY DELFFS, PhD, is an award-winning novelist, poet, and biographer. Drawing on past experience as both an English professor and publishing executive, he often coaches other authors when not working on his own projects. Dudley's lifelong fascination with his Celtic ancestry has resulted in great affection for British culture and frequent trips to the UK. When he's not writing or traveling, Dudley enjoys hiking, painting, and smoking his Dunhill pipe on the porch of his home in Sewanee, Tennessee. He and his wife have three adult children.